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The Bluffers


In the immense map of the Heavens,
among the billions of stars and planets,
there is only one globe expensive enough
to show Bluffunia... homeland of The Bluffers!



just a Bluffer, a candle snuffer,
can't get enough of ya dreams.
A half a buffer, a pillow stuffer,
you're bound to suffer it seems.

Your head is full of schemes,
to turn the world around,
But all your fancy dreams,
are from the lost and found.

Are from the lost and found.


Bluffunia once was a beautiful country,
before the crazed maniac Clandestino took over.
Clandestino turned that beautiful place into this...
Why? Because Clandestino is afraid the Bluffers
will get his secret... the secret of 'Getting It All'!

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